Our Family


Brigitte Seebass

With a long farming tradition and a love of wine, Brigitte emigrated from Germany in 1967. In the mid 1980’s she and her family established Seebass Vineyards in Mendocino county to begin a lifelong passion for growing the finest grapes. For almost 30 years she has closely managed her vineyard and has applied the finest farming techniques in pursuit of the best quality grapes. Today Brigitte travels the world, exploring wine regions and continuing to learn viticultural methods and still considers the vineyard her home.

michelle and scott

Michelle and Scott Willoughby

For most of Michelle’s life, the vineyard has been the focus of her family. Her careers in technology and legal fields in San Francisco gave her an excellent basis to transition into the day to day operations of a winemaking business, as she now oversees the finance, compliance, and planning of her company.

Her husband Scott, has also transitioned from a technology marketing career spanning 30 years. In San Francisco he lead his own company that produced branding strategies, new business initiatives and advertising campaigns. Today he oversees marketing, working with winemakers, creative designers, distributors, restaurants and the trade to develop sales channel opportunities for the business. Together, with their son Aidan, the family is immersed in the winemaking business, enjoying life on the vineyard and making world-class wines.